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Stathakis, Demetris, and Leonidas Liakos. 2019. “Further Adjustment of the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program-Operational Linescan System Using Radar Data.” Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 13 (03): 034507/1-9.

University of Thessaly, Spatial Analysis/GIS and Thematic Mapping Laboratory, Department of Planning and Regional Development, Sekeri & Alamanas, Volos, Greece

In the past, the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program—Operational Linescan System (DSMP/OLS) data have been successfully adjusted based on the presence of vegetation in each pixel. We propose a further adjustment based on radar data obtained by the SeaWinds scatterometer. It is shown that the adjustment results in substantial accuracy gains, measured as increased correlation with the more accurate Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite data as well as with the existing instances of radiance calibrated DSMP/OLS data. The proposed adjust- ment is easy to implement. The improvement of the proposed method is particularly significant in arid regions where vegetation is relatively sparse.


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